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TVS 20 kg Economy Model Weighing Machine

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Accurate Optimism - Chennai's New Champion of Weighing Accuracy! Introducing the revolutionary Electronic Weighing Scale for your shop, brought to you by Accurate Optimism! This innovative machine by the trusted brand, TVS, ensures unmatched precision for all your weighing needs. Here's what sets it apart: Unbeatable Accuracy: Weigh with confidence! This scale boasts an impressive 2-gram accuracy, perfect for even the most delicate items. High Capacity, Compact Design: With a 20kg capacity and a 210 x 210 mm platform, this scale tackles a wide range of products without taking up valuable counter space. Dual Display Advantage: The bright, green LED displays on both the front and back ensure clear visibility for both you and your customers. Uninterrupted Power: Never worry about downtime! This scale seamlessly switches between regular AC power and a long-lasting 4V 1800 mAh Lithium Iron battery, offering 7-12 hours of backup. Upgrade your shop's efficiency and accuracy with this top-of-the-line TVS Electronic Weighing Scale. Visit Accurate Optimism today!

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Accurate Optimism is your go-to supplier for precision weighing scales in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Our reliable solutions cater to all your weighing needs with accuracy and precision. Trust us for high-quality products to meet your requirements. Upgrade your measuring equipment with us today!

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