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Premium Retail Shop Hanging Weighing Scale 30kg with Tray

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**Mass Hanging Scale: Precision Weighing Up to 30kg** Short Description : Brand : Mass Capacity : 30kg Accuracy : 5 grams Power Source : Regular Ac230 Volt Battery : 6 Volt 5 Ah SMF Battery Back up : 8 to 12 Hours The **Mass Hanging Scale** is an essential tool for industries requiring accurate and reliable weight measurements. With a substantial **capacity of 30kg** and precise **accuracy of 5 grams**, this scale ensures high precision for all your weighing needs. **Key Features:** - **Brand**: Renowned for quality, Mass brings you reliable and durable weighing solutions. - **Capacity**: Robust design capable of handling weights up to **30kg**, suitable for various industrial applications. - **Accuracy**: Exceptional precision with an accuracy margin of just **5 grams**, ideal for detailed weight analysis. - **Hook Type**: Easy-to-use hook mechanism for quick loading and unloading. - **Power Source**: Equipped with a **CPU Power Card** that operates seamlessly on a regular **AC230 Volt** connection. - **Battery**: Includes a long-lasting **6 Volt 5 Ah SMF Battery**, ensuring continuous operation. - **Backup**: Impressive battery backup of **8 to 12 hours**, minimizing downtime and enhancing productivity. Designed for convenience and efficiency, the Mass Hanging Scale is the perfect choice for businesses that value accuracy and durability.

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