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Mass Shop Weighing Scale 10kg Budget Weight Machine

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**Mass Weighing Scale: Precision Measuring for Diverse Needs** Discover the ultimate weighing companion with the **Mass Weighing Scale**, expertly crafted to cater to a variety of measuring requirements. Whether it's for **packing, travel, industrial use, retail shops, or domestic kitchens**, this scale is designed to deliver reliable and accurate results. **Key Features:** - **Versatile Capacity**: Measures items as light as **1 grams** and as heavy as **10 kilograms**. - **Robust Construction**: Features a **molded metal body** for durability. - **Generous Platter Size**: Equipped with a **175x225 mm stainless steel platter** to accommodate a range of items. - **Protection Mechanisms**: Offers **overload protection** and is built with a **weather and waterproof tactile keypad**. - **Intelligent Functions**: Includes **auto zero tracking** and **smart calibration** accessible through the keypad. - **Energy Efficient**: Comes with a **power-saving function** to extend usage. - **Vivid Display**: Choose between a **high bright red or green LED display** for clear visibility. - **Reliable Power**: Features an **in-built battery backup**, standard across all models. - **Enhanced Accuracy**: Offers **dual/triple accuracy** options for precise measurements. - **Optimal Operating Conditions**: Functions seamlessly within a temperature range of **0 to 50°C**. - **Stable Power Supply**: Operates on **230 V AC ±10%, 50 Hz**. - **Rechargeable Battery**: Includes a **3-volt 1800 mAh lithium iron battery** with a backup of **6 to 10 hours**. - **Dual Display**: Comes with both **front and Back display** options for ease of reading. Elevate your weighing experience with the **Mass Weighing Scale**, where **10kg capacity meets 1g precision**. Ideal for any setting that demands accuracy and efficiency, powered to perform with both **AC and rechargeable battery options**. Get ready to measure with confidence!

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Accurate Optimism is your go-to supplier for precision weighing scales in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Our reliable solutions cater to all your weighing needs with accuracy and precision. Trust us for high-quality products to meet your requirements. Upgrade your measuring equipment with us today!

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