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Attogram Precision Gold Balance 600gm *0.01 g Jewelry Weighing Scale

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**Discover Precision with ATTOGRAM's Gold Weighing Scale at Accurate Optimism** Step into the world of meticulous accuracy with ATTOGRAM's Precision Gold Weighing Scale, proudly presented by Accurate Optimism in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Crafted for those who demand the utmost precision, this scale is a paragon of reliability and efficiency. **Key Features:** - **High Precision:** Measures up to **600 grams** with an exceptional accuracy of **0.01 grams (10 milligrams)**, catering to diverse high-precision needs. - **Generous Pan Size:** A **120° pan** offers substantial space to accommodate a variety of items for versatile applications. - **Uninterrupted Operation:** An **inbuilt rechargeable battery** provides **6 hours** of continuous use, perfect for areas with limited access to power. - **Visibility Perfected:** Dual **Green LED displays** ensure measurement readings are crystal clear from any angle, simplifying the user experience. - **Connectivity Enhanced:** The **RS232 interface** guarantees seamless integration with external devices for efficient data transfer and analysis. - **Consistent Accuracy:** **External calibration** maintains long-term precision and performance integrity. - **Added Protection:** A **class windshield** shields against disturbances like air currents, safeguarding measurement accuracy. At Accurate Optimism, we are more than just a supplier; we are your partners in precision. Our commitment to quality ensures that you receive not only a product but a promise of enduring accuracy and support. **Embrace the ATTOGRAM Precision Gold Weighing Scale – where every milligram matters.**

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Accurate Optimism is your go-to supplier for precision weighing scales in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Our reliable solutions cater to all your weighing needs with accuracy and precision. Trust us for high-quality products to meet your requirements. Upgrade your measuring equipment with us today!

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