The TVS counting scale and money calculator is a versatile tool designed for various applications, featuring a 20kg capacity with an impressive accuracy of 2 grams. Its stainless steel platter, measuring 250*300mm, ensures durability and reliability in demanding environments. This scale serves multiple purposes, making it indispensable in settings where precision and efficiency are paramount. Primarily used for part counting and money calculation, it streamlines operations with its intuitive design and three displays. The first display showcases the weight of the product placed on the scale, providing immediate feedback to users. The second display presents either the unit price or the weight of individual parts, offering flexibility based on the specific application. Finally, the third display shows the total price or the number of pieces counted, facilitating quick and accurate transactions. Moreover, the TVS counting scale and money calculator excels in additional functionalities such as checking weighing, making it ideal for quality control processes. Its ability to compute pieces or prices simplifies inventory management and pricing tasks, enhancing operational efficiency in retail, manufacturing, and other industries. With its user-friendly interface and reliable performance, this scale ensures precise measurements and efficient calculations, enabling businesses to streamline their processes and improve productivity. Whether used for counting parts, calculating money, or performing quality checks, the TVS counting scale and money calculator is a valuable asset in any workplace where accuracy and efficiency are paramount.

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